We started using the Ladderpads in 2019 and quickly transitioned all of our branches to their use with now all 16 locations from Dunedin to Whangarei using them.

Where our existing ladder pads were failing the Able Axcess Ladderpads have proven their worth time and time again as a cost effective, durable and practical solution.

Wet decks, soft ground, slippery concrete and other challenging surfaces have all been made safe to use a ladder on, and are suitable for conditions throughout the length of the country.

After moving to the Ladderpads we have had no ladder slip-out incidents while using them.

The design prevents ladder slip out using single and extension ladders from a range of suppliers and designs, with the weight light enough and built in handle to make it a truly portable solution.

The larger footprint distributes the weight of a ladder well and prevents the ladder feet from damaging or sinking into the client’s decks, gardens and lawns.

Once our workers started using the pads, adoption was easy because they quickly realised how much safer and easier the pads were to use opposed to other or no pads.

Many thanks,

David Quinn

National Health & Safety Manager - Edwards and Hardy Roofing


"Our service sparky has been using the Ladderpad.  He said it's come in handy quite a bit, sometimes in situations where it would normally be a bit difficult to set up a ladder safely he's managed to get it solid as with the Ladderpad.

He had a customer who wasn't super confident footing a ladder so put that in there as well and it definitely helped out making it feel more secure.

It is pretty handy to have in the van."

Ben Duncan 

Lazer Electrical Auckland Central